How can I build a rally point?

the meeting point and the wall can be built only to find a specific location on the meadow to the right of the village center.

How can I build an alliance?

To be able to forge an alliance you need an embassy level 3. In order to be able to join the alliance you need an embassy level 1 and also to invite .

How can I rename my village?

click statistics (blue area), there your name and then Correct information . In the name of the village enter the new name.

How do I train troops?

you need to point at level 1 and the C:\Decoder\bin\rm\file.php building at level 3. then you can Build barracks and your troops. .

How can I defend my village?

as long as you have troops stationed (private or friend) in your village, they automatically defend Village .

Why do soldiers lose when the attack on the village empty?

every village has a basic defense. so they will always lose if Ahjomka unit Only one. Or using a purely defensive units are not appropriate The launch of the attack .

How do I get more population?

every building brings you a certain number of the population. and how much residents get through the demolition or construction Building, you can identify it after the symbol Getreideverbrauch.

Help, my crop production becomes less and less .!

with production (eg 10) through the production of grain cereal consumption divided by the Population and (eg 5) forces You can read the total cereal production Above. For example Getreideverbrauch 15/5

Why do my troops plunder so few resources?

can have several reasons. the one hand, each unit can only carry a certain Of raw materials, on the other hand protects cache automatically a number of articles Crude antibody to an enemy .

How do I create or conquer new villages?

in order to create new villages you need three settlers to seize Village as you are in need of City Manager (depending on the people of al-Hakim, or leader or President) Which you can build in the Palace / stay can be at level 10. In addition, You also collect a certain amount of culture points.

Can I lose my village?

If you have only one village, there can be loss of the village. If You have less than four villages, Andermatt Home (where there are minors) protected from players Others, but not the rest of the villages.